Who  we  are.


Thomas Hydes and Joe Miller,

Electronic dance music artists

Professionally known as Hydeaway and Ganunga are two musicians DJ/producers from A small town in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Although both had known each other from a young age neither knew the other produced music.

When this information was finally disclosed by a mutual friend it could only mean one thing..... ( The start of a beautiful friendship )

That friendship lead to collaborations, Idea sharing and Aspirations, in 2017

Hydeaway & Ganunga

                                       " Was Born "

iHYDEAWAY & GANUNGA  are happiest in the studio cooking up catchy melodies or remixing old classics and with influences like AVICII, KYGO, GARETH EMERY and SOLARSTONE. Hydeaway and Ganunga create the type of music you can't help but move to. Described by fans as.


" Total feel good music you could dance to all night "