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"I could hear that on Radio1, the melodies are all there, Its excellent!"  


'You Never Loved Me' (Oh Baby)


DJ Trevor Riley

(Beat 106)

I first came across Hydeaway & Ganunga in 2019 and have loved their stuff ever since.  They can basically do it all.  Every song has its own mood.  They do mellow, chilled, uplifting and all vocally tremendous!  They are very much their own act but when asked to compare, I’d say there’s a hint of MGMT, Ingrosso and even the likes of Prydz and Axwell in there too.  The melodic riffs they come up with are so catchy on the ear and it feels like their tracks are taking you on a journey.  The breakdowns in each track are fantastic and I love the arrangements and melodies they come up with.  Each track has different vocalists but the way the guys incorporate them in to the track, it just brings everything to life!  Hydeaway & Ganunga are ones to keep an eye on, these guys are going places!

DJ Michael Smith (Team GBX)

"I would like to say Hydeaway and Ganunga are two very talented guys who produce the most amazing tunes. These guys have a very modern twist to music and very innovative. It is very radio friendly and all the top DJs carry their tunes for their playlist. What I personally like about the lads is they are perfectionist in what they do and they are very approachable if you're needing something in a hurry. I wish them every success in what they do, we will continue to support their music here at Pulse 98.4."


Gus. Chairman of Pulse 98.4

"Very well produced tracks, the world is going through a biblical change, like a new dark ages, everything is going to completely change. I feel in music styles too... let’s see 💋"

Coco Star (Toca's Miracle)

"I,m happy to let you know it is now featured on our "Electric love" playlist starting today. it truly was exciting for me to discover this track and a pleasure to feature it!"


(Giving Up On Love)


Delilah - EDM World Magazines Playlist Manager

Hydeaway & Ganunga - My favourite find of 2019/2020!


Their tracks set the mood for any occasion, dancing fun and chilled out listening. 

Some with a definite summer feel that whisk you away to hot sandy beaches and pina coladas and others just make you want to get up and dance.

There is something for all ages. A hint of old school for the more mature raver and a new flavour for the younger generation. 

A firm favourite of my listeners and the most requested act this year on my show. 

These guys are the next big thing in my opinion, with a sound that will never grow old. Astounding talent and humble with it. 

I'm Looking forward to hearing what they come up with next!

Fiona Gault

DCR FM (Gaulty's Answers To Everything)

"Top song mate, good mix well balanced thumbs up from me guys well done"

Mark Hall (Flip and Fill) on our track 'You Can Walk Away'

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